Chay Ya is responsible for the following duties:

Provide all information about the projects in Nepal and the current volunteer opportunities. Always keep the information updated and give the applicants a comprehensive picture about the activities in Nepal.

Give potentials the possibility to ask all necessary questions about planning a stay in Nepal.

Collect the applications from the volunteers, seek the applications and make the decision about hiring the applicants. Furthermore try to find the best places for the volunteers regarding their skills and interests.

Communicate the decision with the applicant and inform the partner organization about the new applicants.

Forward the application to the partners organization and hand-over the checklist about preparing the upcoming stay of the volunteer.

Assisting the stay of the volunteer and provide all contact details about local hosts and project partner organizations.

Collect regularly feedback from the volunteers and conduct changes if they are needed.

At the end of the voluntary stay in Nepal: Evaluate the time together with volunteer and write down a detailed reference with all activities and archived goals. Write down all findings and foster ongoing improvement of our organization.

Stay in contact with the volunteers and send them a quarterly newsletter with all news about Nepal to keep updated about Chay Ya’s activities in Nepal.

Forward questions to previous volunteers if potentials request more details about a projects and experiences in Nepal.