Due to recurring landslides in the last weeks, with already 18 victims of which 4 died, the way to Tsum Valley became impassable by foot and too dangerous for the planned health camps. However, your support and our effort will still have a very positive input on the lifes of the local communities, because the community health care facility in Lar (in the Tsum Area) will be opened as planned, offering the mountain people the much needed health care. The opening celebration will be held on October 28. Chay Ya Team has to fly there by helicopter, because like most of Tsum Valley, Lar cannot be reached by other means of transport right now.


As we don`t want to cancel the health camps without offering an alternative, we worked hard the last week to organize a worthy alternative and we finally came up with a solution. The health camps will now take place in another region where the people are also desperate for medical care. The team, consisting of 2 doctors, 3 nurses, 4 volunteers of Chay Ya Austria and 6 volunteers of Chay Ya Austria / Nepal will travel to Dolpa on 14th of October. From Dolpa, we will start walking with mules carrying some hundred kilograms of drugs to several villages, which can only be accessed by walking for several days. The planned health camp stops are in Raha Kagni, Tapricha and Phoksundo. We are convinced that we found an alternative where your support will reach a lot of people in desperate need for medical care, and the local people will be very thankful for every help offered.

Update October 2016

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