Great news! Our projects are all running very well! In April, Chay Ya team visited three school construction sites in Sindhupalchowk and Rasuwa. All of them make fast progress, and two of the schools will open in autumn, just before the very harsh winter arrives. Aside from education, pupils will also find a warm shelter. A new and very amazing earth-brick-machine helps the community to make bricks for the school by themselves!

Our chairwomen Sabine Klotz is right now monitoring the projects on site. She will stay in Nepal until the middle of June. Together with the Chay Ya Nepal team she is already planning new projects. Permaculture and the construction of birthing stations in Gorkha and Humla are the main focuse.

Permaculture benefits harvests. Chay Ya organized a meeting with a local women’s group in Thade/Rasuwa in cooperation with its partner organization “Roots for Life”. What’s the aim of the new permaculture projects? It’s to transmit knowledge to women in order to help them to generate income.

Since 1 ½ years Chay Ya supports a children’s home for kids with special needs, regarding mind and body. The children’s home is located in Far West, one of the poorest regions in Nepal.

Chay Ya installed a kitchen, bought wheelchairs and employed a caretaker. In April 2017 we laid the foundation for disable friendly toilets and a bathroom. All of them are wheelchair-accessible now, which is an incredible improvement. Before all hampered children had to rob on knees towards the extremely unhygienic toilets. The joy was huge when the conditions changed. The children beamed like they had received the greatest birthday gift.

Thank you so much for supporting Chay Ya – these changes are possible because of you!


Update June 2017 – Wheelchairs, birthing stations and school construction sites