CHAY YA AUSTRIA is a non-profit association who advocates global poverty reduction. Most projects of Chay Ya are lokated in remote and hard accessible areas, mainly in the mountain regions of the Nepali Himalaya with the aim to overcome poverty in a sustainable way. The term „Chay Ya” has its roots in the Tibetan language and means „let´s do it”. The projects vary with the needs of the lokal communities in the project regions and therefore Chay Ya supports with humanitarian emergency relief, builds up basic services in hygiene und primary health care, stands in for the education of children, cofinance the medical education of adults and has different reconstruction projects after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Our new documentary informs you about:
Healthpost (Birthingstation) & Boardingschool in Lar, Tsum Valley (3250 meters altitude), Flood relief, Earthbrick-Machine and our Permaculture Garden for children with disabilities in Kailali (Far West)

A big „Thank you” to Ulrike Mayrhuber for her amazing volunteer work for Chay Ya and its outcome: This wonderful movie!

Thanks also to all those involved without whom this film would not be possible:

CHAY YA TEAM (Nepal, Austria, USA)
Puskar Acharya, Madhav Devkota, Nishant Gautam, Santosh Silwal, Sristi Silwal, Kama Thapa
Alice Hanser, Sabine Klotz, Veronika Klotz, Klaus Kaleschek, Christoph Richter, Werner Wirth
Leslie Dootson, Bill Keller


Herbert Glotz, Elmar Klotz, Pauline Paterno, Sarah Sinclair


Art of Silence, Uniq (
Jack in the Box, Silent Partner (Free Music Archive)