Local communities:

We work together with local communities in remote mountain areas. As a volunteer of ChayYa you get deeply in touch with the villages and learn a lot about Nepalese culture and people. Our partners are situated far away in the mountains and give you the opportunity to explore rural life at its finest.

Sustainable volunteering:

Our volunteers do not appear and disappear, they will have a lasting impact on our projects. We manage our activities in a sustainable way and believe in our cooperative approach. They work together with our partners and manage the challenges together. Transfer of knowledge is crucial and volunteering in Nepal will be also seen as a training for our partners.

Broad network in Nepal:

We have a well-established network in Nepal and in each area, where we work at, we can provide you local addresses. Those people will take care about your stay and try to help out with all upcoming issues. Most of them speak English very well and make your stay in Nepal as welcoming as possible.

Small and transparent organization:

We are a small organization and all volunteers are treated as a full member of our association. All decisions and schedules are transparent and you will be involved in all decision-making at your project area. You will gain lot of insights into our NGO and see how we are structured and operate in Nepal.

Reasonable pricing:

We won’t charge you any money for our work. We are not a travel agency like many others and charge you for linking you together with our local project partners. Nor we charge you anything for the necessary administrative work. You only pay your personal expenses and some money for your host. They are happy to accommodate you and will charge only the amount of money which they have to spend to buy the groceries. Therefore, the money you are spending in Nepal will be directly spend by you, there is no third party, you have the control over it and will get exactly what you wanted for every Penny spent.

Build lasting relationships:

During your stay you will get in touch with many local people and make new friendships. Furthermore, most of your new friends will know also mountain guides and tour guides. So, once you plan to come back to Nepal, you can benefit from your new network and plan your activities easily with them.

Detailed reference letter:

At the end of your stay in Nepal we will talk about your activities and your time in Nepal. Together we will evaluate the time in Nepal and highlight the achievements. We will summarize your voluntary work and social impact in Nepal in a detailed reference letter. It will confirm your stay in Nepal and might be beneficial for your next job or application at the university. It also gives us the chance to overlook the progress in the projects and further volunteers the chance to get some ideas, to get an insight and some suggestions for their stay.