CHAY YA Styria was founded in March 2016 through members of Chay Ya Austria as a sister association. The growing interest for the work of Chay Ya in many people in the district of Liezen in Styria caused by the earthquake in Nepal 2015 and the consequential support of these people were reasons for the foundation of Chay Ya Styria. Chay Ya Styria stands for the same principles as Cha Ya Austria does and the two associations naturally cooperate on an equal footing, e.g. with projects. It is a pleasure for us to announce Chay Ya Styria to the latest member of the Chay Ya family.
klaus_kalaschek werner_wirth1 herfried_hirsch
Klaus Kalaschek
Styria, Austria
freelance work
fundraising, monitoring
Werner Wirth
Styria/Vienna, Austria
Business Informatics , TU Vienna
homepage, scheduling, organization, fundraising, implementation
Herfried Hirsch
Advisory Board
Styria, Austria
bank officer
support in book keeping and budget