Although our main focus in Nepal lies on the support in the educational sector as well as in the improvement of sanitary and health standards in very remote places, we offer voluntary work in various fields. According to all the different characters in the world and all the different talents, everybody can contribute with his/her skills something really valuable to the life and circumstances of the people in Nepal. We offer voluntary work in the fields of Health & Nursing, Architecture, Crafts & Reconstruction, Education & Teaching as well as Childcare and Permaculture. You can also help us with organizational work in Chay-ya organizations abroad or in Nepal, plan and set up a beneficial concert or a flea market. Therefore, our fields of work are divided in voluntary work @ Chay-ya Nepal and work @ Chay-ya organizations abroad.

If you cannot find yourself in one of those sectors, but still want to work with us, just write us a message and we will find a way how you can contribute your skills to help developing Nepal.

Opportunities in Nepal

You want to work with Chay-ya and help us supporting the people in Nepal but don’t want or can’t go abroad? Then help us raising money for our projects via charity events!

For every project to be realised it needs money, which comes mostly from donations of either single persons or groups of any kind. A big percentage of our capital also comes from the “Land Vorarlberg” and the “Land Steiermark”.

Without the financial aid of so many none of our projects would be feasible. There are so many ideas of how to raise money, as diverse as the people who are helping us. You have a lot of stuff in your garage or attic, then organizing a flea market might be a good idea. You are playing in a band or are passionate about music, why not organizing a beneficial concert. You have a special gift in making art, handicrafts, knit or other things, sell the products and support us with the income. You love to cook or bake, why not organizing a presentation about Chay-ya and our work with some selfmade snacks. Whether you can find yourself in one of those things or you have another idea, we are happy to support you and are grateful for your effort.

Health & Nursing

Education & English Classes

 Crafts & Reconstruction

You have a great idea, then check out the following link and write us!


Opportunities outside of Nepal

Our organization is build up by people who are offering their time and energy voluntarily. People who want to contribute their knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and time to Chay-ya, to work together as a team, to guarantee a better life for the people in remote areas in Nepal. If you got to know our organization and want to contribute something to our work in a long term relationship, then contact us and we will work out the most suitable solution.

In an organization like ours there is always a lot of administrative work, be it the elaboration of a newsletter, poster or annual review and reports, the coordination of events, funds or projects. There is a lot of work which has to be done in the background, at home as well as on the place in Nepal in order to guarantee a steady progress of the circumstances in Nepal.

We are grateful for people, with the corresponding qualifications, who are eager to help us. Contact us and tell us in which way you would like to work with us.

It should be said that for this field of volunteering we are just accepting people with the corresponding qualification.