Chay Ya gets reinforcement!

Bodo Peters, chairman of the German association “Die Bambusschule e.V.” since 2006, visited Vorarlberg in June. For 12 years, the “bamboo school” has been campaigning for improving the health and education of the mountain people in Northern Laos – with great success.
Since the new government of the country made the employment of qualified volunteers virtually impossible, Peters was looking for an alternative – and met our Obfrau Sabine Klotz. The chemistry between the two agreed right away, and both clubs are working in similar ways. So what was closer than a collaboration? Meanwhile, a joint MoU has been signed and the first project to build a boarding school for the children of semi-nomads in the Dolpo region decided. Sabine Klotz is pleased about the support and Bodo Peters is happy to have found new goals for money and experience instead of closing the “bamboo school”: “Whether Laos or Nepal – we help where it is necessary!”