Asking yourself how you can help?

You won’t believe how many ways there are to support our work. Depending on your choice, you can donate, assume a sponsorship, work with us, or tell your friends about us. You could organize funding in form of a concert or flee market, whatever comes to your mind. We would love to come by and give a speech about our projects.

Everyone of this possibilities helps us to get one step closer to a better world. Sometimes the situation in this world seems difficult to to change individually. That’s not true! Chay Ya shows us every day that this isn’t the case! Together we can change a lot!

Any support helps if it’s used sensibly. Meaningful use is guaranteed at Chay Ya.

Donate for our projects Assume a sponsorship Work with us Assume a sponsorship Work with us
Every contribution – no matter how small – counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s one Euro or a hundred – we’re thankful for all support. Donations make our aid possible and help to bring the goal of a just world a little closer. Is there any better investment than in the future? With a sponsorship you can make great impact in the life of a child and a whole family. Helping hands are welcome at all times. Voluntary work gives you the possibility to support with your own time and energy. You can support sustainably by giving with your own talents and qualifications.

Has your interest been awakened? What’s the next step?

Contact us by using the contact form on the website! We will reply as soon as possible! At this time we’re urgently looking for doctors, nurses and people experienced in building who are ready to use their knowledge in Nepal.