The hosts have an important role during they stay of the volunteer in Nepal and prepare your stay as effectively as possible. The host will assist you during your stay in Nepal and are your first contact address at the project area.

The host will prepare your stay and take care about different things:


The most important thing during the stay of the volunteer is to arrange a proper accommodation. Mostly, local families are willing to accommodate the volunteer at their premises. If it is possible, all volunteers should get their own room for some privacy. It is very important to fix the prices for food and lodging in advance and communicate the costs with the volunteer.


They have to find the most suitable means of transportation to get the volunteers to the project site. The hosts will estimate the costs for the transportation, communicate them with the volunteer and arrange all necessary tickets in advance.

Contact address:

They have to provide a reliable and English speaking contact address at the project site. This person helps the volunteer on site if there are any problems.

Time schedule:

It is very important to write down a detailed schedule for the arriving volunteers. Crucial information like the amount of working hours, the working days, the weekly goals and the overall target have to be written down to a sheet.

Expectation of volunteers:

The project partners have to communicate the expectations of the volunteers with Chay Ya. Together we evaluate if the expectations meet with the schedule and communicate them to the volunteers after arrival. A clear communication of the expectations is crucial to have a successful time together and avoid misunderstandings.

Possible leisure activities in the area:

Name the different possibilities at the project area for the weekends. This helps the volunteers to prepare properly and take the necessary equipment with them.