Change the life of a child

With the sponsorship of a godchild you give a certain child or youth a good start for life and you make a valuable contribution to a sustainable poverty reduction. Moreover twice a year you get information about your godchild’s welfare.

Fund a teacher

You take the employment costs for a teacher. The teacher staff gets a fair payment, a long-term employment and all pupils benefit from that. With your contribution you ensure that a big number of children get a good education.


Education is the foundation for self-help, because through the sponsorship of a godchild not only the life of the child itself turns better, but also the whole family gets benefits out from it. Our godchildren get the possibility to fulfill their visions and they can also support their families.

Nepal doesn’t have an operating social system, no free health care for everybody or a pension for old people. Therefore the whole hope of these families lies upon their children, who are getting a school education. Usually our godchildren get enrolled at the age of six and have the possibility to finish their bachelor degree with 21 years or to start their work career at the age of 16.

We are looking for reliable sponsors, who are willing to pay 25 to 30 Euros of school fee per month over a minimum period of three years. This period of three years is important to be able to guarantee the total funding of a child. Only if a child has enough sponsors to get education till the sixteen’s birthday, the next child gets enrolled. Of course at the end of each term certificates and photos are provided from Chay Ya, at least twice a year.

In Nepal schools are open enrollment and, in theory, accessible to all children between the ages of five and sixteen, at least in densely populated areas. However, families often cannot afford the expenses of school uniforms, notebooks, books and pens. Due to our long experience with Nepalese school projects, we – Chay Ya – came to the conviction that nothing is more productive than to invest in a child’s education. Only through education it is possible to overcome poverty, diseases and child marriages.

One solution to this long vexing problem is the Chay Ya Godchildren program. To be sure that aid arrives where it is needed most only the poorest children are selected to become Godchildren. Chay Ya started this project seven years ago by funding two children. Today 20 children are supported in various parts of Nepal. Many of our Godchildren have lost one or both parents. Some children are victims of ethnic discrimination, in particular, Tibetan descendents such as Lama, Gurung or Tamang. Additional discrimination may come from being a member of a lower cast.

To be sure that each and every godchild gets continuous support until they graduate from school, Chay Ya offers two different kinds of sponsorships:

Graduation sponsorship:

With this sponsorship the godparent pledges an ongoing contribution of 25 to 30 Euros per month, starting with their school enrolment and ending with the child’s graduation at the age of sixteen or with the age of twenty-one by finishing with bachelor degree. The duration of the sponsorship varies according to the child’s enrolment age at enrollment, between five to eight years, so a typical Godparent’s sponsorship will last between eight and sixteen years. As there exists a yearly 10% inflation in Nepal, the costs may raise in the long run.

Sponsorship for three years

This shorter term sponsorship requires a godparent to pledge a contribution of 25 to 30 Euros per month for three years, varying with the different regions. During the Godchild’s education, the three year sponsorship may require the Godchild to have a series of sponsors together helping the child reach graduation. Ideally, with an uninterrupted series of Chay Ya three year sponsorships, the Godchild will reach graduation along with his/hers classmates.

Teacher Sponsorship

With a teacher sponsorship you give many children the possibility of an education. The costs for such a sponsorship vary from region to region and the sponsor has to face monthly fees between 180 and 250 Euros. The sponsor has the possibility to take the full funding, but Chay Ya also offers the possibility to cover one half or one quarter of the funding. Chay Ya only employs a teacher if the funding for a year is secured. If you are interested or you have any questions, please use our contact form.