Our volunteers should bring the following characteristics:

We do not pay much attention to certificates, school marks and employment reference letters. To get the right people for Nepal we pay much more attention to the personal attitude of a person. You don’t have to bring all qualifications with you, but the majority of the list should fit to you.

Fluent in English: It is very important to be fluent in English. All communication in our organization is done in English. At every project site at least one person speaks some English and can help you with any issue. We do not expect from you that you speak Nepali, but some basic Nepali allows you to get deeply in touch with the local culture.

Qualifications or recent experiences in the field of volunteering: You should bring some professional experience in the field of work where you want to volunteer in Nepal. All project partners in Nepal will benefit and learn from your professional background. Nevertheless, we also welcome newcomers if the personal attitude fits.

Open-minded for new cultures: You will get in touch with a complete new culture and many things work differently in Nepal. People are glad to show you many facets about their culture and will allow you to precipitate in their life. This is only possible if you are an open-minded personality and let the social norm an rules behind you and dive into another world.

Hands-on mentality: Most things in Nepal just have to be done. There is no huge process and preparation about the tasks. Get to the project area, analyze the situation and start with the necessary voluntary work. Only with joint forces we are capable of archiving our goals.

Flexibility: Each day in Nepal will different and it is common that the nature and people have a big impact on daily life. Landslides close valleys, earthquakes destroy roads, strikes cut public transportation, etc. Therefore it is very important to be flexible and adopt quickly to changing environments and plans.

Reliable and work independently: We provide all required information to start your work in Nepal. We assistant your stay and connect you to all important addresses. However, we encourage volunteers to work reliable and independently as we cannot be permanent present and stay next to you.

Goal-oriented: Nevertheless how daunting and stressful the activities are, never lose the sight of your goals. Be a goal-oriented personality and always pay attention to the possible successes of your efforts.