Working as a volunteer becomes more and more interesting for people all over the world, especially for young people. In a world where many of our actions are controlled and based on money, voluntary work shows that we are capable of working together as a big society, reaching out to each other, helping in times of need, without getting payed for it in a financial way, in a society of humanity connecting people all over the world. Voluntary work is a major contribution to humanitarian, medical and development assistance, without, it would not be possible to manage the support of thousands of people who are affected by earthquakes, epidemics, tsunamis or wars.

Volunteers working with Chay-ya benefit from our long standing experience in the remote areas of Nepal, our well established network of relationships all over the country and our collaboration with local communities, which gives us the benefit of reacting fast and targeted in the regions where our help is most needed. As a volunteer of Chay-ya you will get in contact with local communities, dive into the diverse culture of Nepal, strengthen your self-independence, contribute a long lasting impact on our projects and the people who will benefit from your effort. You will get a deeper insight in the work of a NGO and for sure leave the country with plenty of great experiences and memories as well as long lasting relationships or even new friends. We at Chay-ya think that volunteers should not be a source of income for an organization, we are more than grateful and appreciate everybody’s effort, who wants to invest his/her time, knowledge and energy in one of our projects. Therefore, we are not charging you anything for our organisational work before, during and after your voluntary work. Only the expenses of coming to Nepal as well as accommodation and food are carried by you. In the following you will find a short description of our fields of work with a link to further and more detailed information.